Who are we?

We are some cool young people who love making fancy merchandise. To be exact, our super brilliant team consists of employees from the legendary Papaya Group (Papaya, Aquarius and Nomad clubs at Zrce beach) and the handsome zrce.eu team. In total, there are about 10 people behind Zrce Fashion.
Besides the clothing industry, our strengths are living the good life, spending almost a half of every year on the island of Pag, creating festivals held at Zrce beach, drinking gemist & vodka soda, chilling on the Loza sunset terrace & listening to the brand-new double penetration show by Vol2Cat.

Why are we doing this?

As you might have noticed, in the beginning of this year a stupid virus spread over the whole world and it forbid us to party at Zrce beach as we usually do. Ok, to be honest, maybe we DID have some a good time there this summer anyway. But in March 2020 a lot of things were unclear for us; if we should focus on our festivals or sell masks to help people stay safe? We decided to create something new while keeping the focus on what we do best – and that’s how we started Zrce Fashion merchandise.

Who are our partners?

We have different partners. The Papaya clothes come from a Croatian print shop (best quality), some Zrce Fashion designs came from a South German print shop. Everything is shipped with DHL. If something doesn’t work out, we are always there for you, here is the contact form.  

Our team – basically complete experts

“I will focus on Zrce Fashion after I finish my Lego tower”

“Buy merchandise, so I can get a new Lamborghini”

“If you don’t have “The Boys” hoodie yet, shame on you!!!”

“If you don’t like the designs, you have bad taste”

“If the webpage is not working, please come back tomorrow”

“Find & DM me on INSTA and maybe you get a 20% discount voucher”

“We tried testing our products on animals, but they didn’t fit”

Why our packages always arrive in time

No matter what the weather looks like, what day of the week we have or where the order comes from (we actually only ship within the EU), we pack and ship all packages by ourselves. Here are a few insights from our vehicles. Haters will say the last picture is photoshopped 🙂